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Artikelnummer: CAA-MCK-BSB

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Sling Bag

This sling back was built especially for the Micro Conversion Kit (MCK). There is an HK snap sewn directly to the top of the bag which allows the MCK to be attached and deployed from the bag, quickly and smoothly. The two nylon straps sewn into the body of the bag secure the MCK in place and when not in use, they lie flat without any interference. Molle webbing inside the bag allows you to easily attach your accessories and there is Velcro on the inside flap for an identification patch. The zipper pocket on the rear of the sling bag will accommodate a 10X12 Ballistic Plate.

 **Purchase does NOT include Ballistic Plates**

• Length- 17”
• Width- 13”
• Depth- 3”

• Length- 16”
• Width- 11”

Weight of Bag
• 1.0 lbs