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Artikelnummer: MCKTAC-BUNDLE

OBS! Denna modell är en beställningsvara (gäller samtliga modeller & färger).

MCK GEN2 Passar exempelvis Gen 3, 4 och 5 av Glocks modeller. OBS! Ej kompatibel med komprimerade "C" modeller!

The MCK TAC is an expansion to the lineup of CAA USA MCK/Micro Conversion Kits. The MCK TAC is available in a wide range of colors, camouflage patterns, and “special” color schemes, and is compatible with more than 120 models of handguns. MCK TAC is one of the smallest “PDW conversion kits” (if not the smallest) available…at least among the more common ones in mass production anyway.

Installation of the upgrade kit is a simple user-friendly process that anyone can do in just seconds. This compact solution provides speed with an additional cool factor at the range.

The MCKTAC adds storage for an additional CR123 battery for your MCK Flashlight or optic, four 9mm rounds, OR even hearing protection!

The MCK TAC ships with a special Bungee sling, sling swivel, and rail-mounted thumb rest for added stability when accuracy and control truly count.

The combination of the shooter’s arm at full extension and the resistance from the bungee-style sling creates a steady platform for added accuracy and control when shooting the MCK TAC

The MCK TAC is designed for close-in type defensive work (hence the specifically mentioned PDW/personal defense angle), including “close protection” (i.e. VIP/PSD uses), providing what is essentially an add-on shooting platform expansion. There is no stock on the MCK TAC as it is not intended to be shouldered.

The TAC is suitable for all real-time scenarios in which concealment and speed are paramount. Taking cues from the shooting dynamics of firearms like the HK MP5K, the MCK TAC, with included bungee sling and swivel is the ultimate compact shooting solution.