TS-10 "Frenchman" silhouette targets - package 10 pcs.

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Måltavla / Måltavlor för målskjutning / skytte - Levereras i 10-pack.

Professional, paper silhouette targets with dimensions of 400x600 mm, commonly used in the training of the Polish police and other uniformed services. The board shows a character aiming at us with a revolver, and the scored fields/parts of the attacker's body correspond to the effectiveness of our fire. Thanks to the black color, the bullet holes are clearly visible.

Introduce a new quality to your training and shooting recreation!

We especially recommend it to:

- owners of defensive revolvers firing 10 mm rubber bullets.
- ASG and Paintball players who want to improve their skills before playing with friends.
- those shooting air pistols who want to test themselves in dynamic shooting.
- those shooting long air rifles with optics who want to feel the emotions of a sniper.

It is best to place the shields on a flat surface - in the case of wood-based panels, attach them with pins, small nails or staples and a tacker, and in the case of steel plates or walls, we can use adhesive tape.

However, in outdoor conditions, when we improvise a shooting range, the most practical way to mount the target will be to attach it with pins or a tacker to a "goal" made of two wooden stakes driven into the ground.

The package contains 10 pcs .

Attention! Shields do not constitute a bullet trap. When choosing a place to mount the shield, remember the safety rules and do not damage living trees!