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Artikelnummer: 17209-MPL

Måltavla / Måltavlor för målskjutning / skytte - Levereras i 10-pack.

Professional paper silhouette targets, dimensions 400x600 mm . The scored fields/parts of the attacker's body correspond to the effectiveness of our fire. Thanks to the black color, the bullet holes are clearly visible.

Unlike the other silhouettes, headshots score the highest. Hitting this square provides the highest probability that the terrorist will not be able to detonate the bomb he is carrying, and any other one increases the risk.

We especially recommend it to:
- owners of defensive revolvers firing 10 mm rubber bullets,
- ASG and Paintball players who want to polish their skills before playing with friends,
- shooters with air pistols who want to test themselves in dynamic shooting,
- shooters with long air guns with optics who want to feel sniper emotions.

It is best to place the shields on a flat surface - in the case of wood-based panels, attach them with pins, small nails or staples and a tacker, and in the case of steel plates or walls, we can use adhesive tape.

However, in outdoor conditions, when we improvise a shooting range, the most practical way to mount the target will be to attach it with pins or a tacker to a "goal" made of two wooden stakes driven into the ground.

The package includes 10 pieces of shields .

Attention! Shields do not constitute a bullet trap. When choosing a place to mount the shield, remember about safety rules and not damaging living trees!