Blackhawk Training Glock 17 Gun For Safety Practice

  • 699 kr

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Artikelnummer: BH-44DGGL17OR

This Blackhawk Replica Guns is amazing! It is made with injection molded glass filled polymer!

Features Offered

  • Blackhawk Replica Guns
  • Injection Molded Glass Filled Polymer
  • Exact Size of Glock 17
  • Color: Orange

For all of those in need of a replica that is the exact size and shape of the real thing, BlackHawk Law Enforcement brings you the Demonstrator.

• Injection molded using reinforced polymer material for strength and durability

• Will not bend, crack or break as easily as some other replicas

• Excellent aid for weapon retention & defensive tactics demonstrations

• Computer generated surfaces and details make this an excellent tool for holster evaluations and demonstrations

• Attention to detail, contoured edges, and our choice of material all add up to better protection and less risk of injury for the user

• Colour : Safety Orange