ASP Baton Training Bag

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Artikelnummer: ASP-7102

Denna kvalitéts mitts är till för tekniker för brottsbekämpning, defensiva åtgärder och batong- samt slagtekniker.

This top-quality striking bag is the original “Light Bag” for defensive Tactics and impact weapon instruction. Its introduction established the use of dynamic simulations in police training. For the first time, the safe utilization of full contact strikes in a controlled setting was finally possible.  

Each bag offers a visual cue for correct use. The “ASP” on the front and back of the bag is upright for right-handed operators and upside down for left-handed operators. This system alerts instructors and other officers to left-handed students or those who position their bags incorrectly during training drills.  The strike force logo on the front of the bag emphasizes the accurate implementation of weapon, reaction and straight strikes. 

The ASP Training Bag is made with an offset handle, which protects the elbow of the individual holding the bag. Stress points of the bag are reinforced with leather patches. Pressure release holes around the perimeter of the bag permit speedy neutralization of pressure during a strike.