Dark Grey 40mm NBC / CBRN NATO Gas Mask Filter

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Artikelnummer: RD40DIN

Filter med 40mm gänga som är Nato standard och kan användas med valfri skyddsmask som passar. Exempelvis skyddsmask 90.

Filtret klarar NATO kravet “Triptych”. Innehåller Aktiverat kol.
Ger ett gott skydd mot nervgaser, bakterier, virus och radioaktivt stoff, Vätgas, cyanid, klorcyanid (ClCN), sarin och klorpikrin (tri-kloro-nitro-metan).

Tillverkningsår: Filtren i vår senaste leverans är tillverkade i juli 2020 och har en giltighetstid på 5 år till juli 2025. Eftersom halva tiden har gått är det halva priset på dessa.


This Anti Riot NBC filter protects against all known Anti-Riot chemicals and biological (viral) warfare agents, as well as:
Nuclear: Radioactive solid and liquid particles.
Biological: Bacteria and Virus.
Chemical: Against organic vapours having boiling point higher than 65 °C, inorganic gases and vapours, Sulphur Dioxide (SO), Ammonia (NH) and its derivatives, dust, fumes, aerosols, particles and mist. Marking R means that the filter is reusable for more than one time.

This filter is made to Government specs of high mechanical strength in dark gray polymer.

The 40mm screw-on filter is made of dark gray polymer container with high mechanical strength that can withstand: oil, and decontaminants and can be used with any full-face or half-face protection masks with RD 40-1/7” thread, for example, MESTEL SGE 400/3 and equivalent masks.

Size: Maximum diameter of 115 mm, minimum 103 mm,
Height: 100 mm (incl thread)
Thread: According to EN 148-1 (RD 40mm x 1/7”)
Weight: 300 Gram
Filter Class: Comply with the EU Regulation 2016/425 (PPE). It is a combined Class 2 filters for gas protection and particle filters Class P3 RD in conformity to EN14387:2004 + A1:2008, CE Marked.

Attention! Provides no carbon monoxide protection in case of fire.

Particle Filter part: P3 RD type, Contains hydrophobic glass fibre paper, protects against not highly volatile solid and liquid particles, protects against all type of particles /dust, fumes, fog, spray, asbestos, bacteria, viruses, and radioactive pollution.
Storage: Store at temperatures between -20 and + 50 °C and RH <80%
The filter housing is sealed inside with 2 plastic plugs at each end that should be removed before use and can be put back when not in use
Use: The protection time for the gas filter is at least 100 hours of use against chemical agents but the recommendation (for soldiers) is to change filters every day in a suspected contaminated area.

When used as a particle (virus/dust) filter, the filter is good until it becomes difficult to breathe through it (it becomes clogged by particles) When using as protection from toxic gases it is recommended to change filters every day in contaminated area but when using against non-toxic gases such as tear gas or pepper spray, the filter can be used until you smell gas and to get out of the contaminated area.