Glasögonbågar anpassade för skyddsmask

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Artikelnummer: CoV-GZ

Dessa bågar från CoVidi finns i två olika utföranden, vilka bägge är anpassade för skyddsmaskerna CM6 / CM6M från GUMARNY.

Ta med bågen till din optiker för att förse bågen med rätt glas. Modellen COV-GZ1 är den absolut vanligaste modellen och är anpassad för vardaglig användning av glasögon. Den andra varianten COV-GZ2 är en vinklad variant och används enbart som läsglas.

Bågarna hålls på plats via kraftfulla magneter, 1 par extra magneter medföljer.


In every solid optician shop should be able to mount your prescription lenses into CoViDi frames  

It is highly recommended  to have a face-to-face consultation with a specialist about a appropriate type of lenses that would be put in, eventually.  

In general, plastic lenses with anti-reflection coating are the best and the safest option( CR 39, polycarbonate or Trivex).

We do not recommend inserting mineral lenses!

In case you were rejected by your optician, do not hesitate and contact us! There is always a possibility to get it done directly by our competent staff at Optika Policar.


For Opticians

If by any chance, a customer came with a CoVidi clip to your shop, we have piece of advice to make work easier for you in order to grind in lenses with confidence 

1) The Frames are made by 3D printing from a Nylon 12 material. Generally, you can handle the material similarily as frames made of millet acetate, They can be heated and shaped over the optical heater at temperatures around 70°C. Burner or any other open fire is not suitable for use.

2) prescription lenses are to be inserted from the BACK of the frame, not the front as usual. Lenses ought to be inserted easily without any heating . If necessary, frame could be mildly heated. 

3) Putting in mineral lenses is not appropriate due to the nature of the use of lenses in safety mask.  

4) We recommend centering the lenses with the glasses in the mask directly on the wearer's face.Pay attention to the recalculation of the dioptrical figure due to the distance from the eyes 

5) If the frame causes any pain or pressure to the wearer, we recommend to bend the frame's bridge after heating 

6) If you have any question about grinding or centration, contact us.

Artikel nummer:

COV-GZ1  -  Goggles for GuZu CM6 / CM6M mask

COV-GZ2  -  Close up goggles for GuZu CM6 / CM6M mask


CoVidi are uniquely designed  optical frames, developed to fit into a full-faced mask 

Do you work with a full-face mask and at the same time, are you in need of wearing a prescription glasses  ? We have designed and developed a unique clip frame, in which, we are able to insert your prescription lenses and send it directly to your address.

A clip is suitable for any kind of lenses. Short sighted or near-sighted corrections as well bifocal and progressive lenses could be inserted. What's more, you won't be limited by prescription!

A clip is removable, clearable and can be also inserted in various types of masks. It won't damage your mask in any way, due to to the sophisticated magnetic attachment.

Versatile and Simple 

Attachment is magnetic, therefore, a clip could be cleared, swapped, or removed quickly and comfortably.

The Frame was tested in connection with the limitation of the field of vision with  GuZu CM6