COP V60 Telescopic lanyard holder with closed nylon loop

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Artikelnummer: COP-2001V60

Color: black

Weight: 40 g

Length of the spiral cable: 30 cm

Diameter of the relieved spiral cable: 20 mm

Total length relieved: 41 cm

Total length stretched: 140 cm

Type of fastening: belt up to 58 mm width

Width of the closed belt loop: 25 mm,

Special feature: snap hook with small key ring

Tensile force: 25 kg

The pulling force of the whole system is 25 kg.

High quality telescopic holder with closed nylon belt loop and plastic spiral cable for securing objects - e.g. weapon, knife, etc.

Also suitable as a safety device for RSG.

Spiral cable, which is very stretchable similar to a telephone cable (with steel cable inside), but has no tensile force under load, e.g. to hold a firearm at belt height. At one end is a closed belt loop made of high quality nylon for belts up to 58 mm wide.

At the opposite end is a small carabiner with a key ring already threaded into it (item no. B8001-SR, 15 mm Ø).