COP 1408 MOLLE Hållare - Öppen

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Artikelnummer: COP-21408-MOL

Öppen hållare från COP. Passar perfekt för pistolmagasin, försvarssprayer, ficklampor etc.

Top open, soft padded holster with hook velcro back and an opening at the bottom.

The side elastic bands make the holster versatile for various large or strong objects.
Due to the hook and loop back, the holster can be attached to the outside of bags or vests as well as to the inside of jackets or bags/backpacks that have a corresponding hook and loop surface.

The opening in the bottom is designed to prevent accidental activation of a flashlight when holstered with the switch in front.

Suitable for compact flashlights with a diameter of 3 cm and a length up to 13 cm.
For the most common double-row magazines (e.g. Glock 17/19), for medium-sized pocket knives and multitools, up to a size of 11.5 cm length, 3.5 cm width and 2 cm depth.

For sprays up to 12.0 cm high and 3.8 cm in diameter.

Color: black
Material: polyester (1680 denier)
Overall size: 10.5 x 5.0 x 3.0 cm (L x W x H)
Weight: 30 g
Surface: woven structure
Fastening method: Molle loop system