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Artikelnummer: 6367-MPL

Taktisk Kubotan i aluminium för självförsvar. Rekommenderas!!

Light and comfortable cubotan, designed to be worn as a key ring. Effective self-defence tool always at hand.

A lightweight, aluminium kubotan. Thanks to the key ring, it can be worn as a pendant - thanks to its low weight it will not be a nuisance.

The kubotan is an effective self-defence tool, designed to strike and press on sensitive points of the body. Thanks to its anatomical shape with fingertip cut-outs, the cubotan lies securely and comfortably in your hand.

- Dimensions: 140 x 15 mm
- Weight: 70 g
- Material: Aluminium
- Colour: Silver

- Tillverkare: General Star Corp. (GS)