GK BLACK DEMON TIMECOP Shoulder Holster - Axelhölster

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Produkten är tyvärr slut i lager. :(

Artikelnummer: GK98211

Axelhölster för Glock 17 m.fl.

Justerbart axelhölster i nylon & läder passande exempelvis Glock 17/19, Sig Sauer P226/229 m. fl. pistoler i liknande storlek.

The BLACK DEMON shoulder holster is:

Designed for large semi-auto

Ambidextrous – Universal

Has an adjustable woven harness filled with gum to avoid torsions.

Has a fixation mechanism on the elastic belt, allowing a better stability.

Has an opposite strap to carry the TIMECOP accessories and be fixed on the belt.

Has a Sling fixing point allowing to place the holster close to the body for a discretion assured.