MFH SURVIVAL KNIFE - Överlevnadskniv

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Artikelnummer: 80706-MPL

Överlevnadskniv med sågtandad rygg och överlevnadsartiklar i skaftet, fodral av PVC.

Totallängd 30 cm
Bladlängd 18 cm
Vikt 330 g

Survival knife with a  Clip-Point  blade made of durable and resistant  stainless steel . The handle is made of steel and there is a compass on the cap. Inside the handle there is a survival kit consisting of: two matches, two needles, fishing line and 2 hooks with an eye.

 A double-sided, properly profiled guard protects against slipping your hand onto the blade . The ergonomic handle  has a rough texture, which  increases grip security  and ensures appropriate comfort of use. 

The knife comes with  a solid leather case with a clasp that can be attached to a belt with a maximum width of 5 cm.