ROTHCO U.S. Military Tri-Fold Shovel

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Artikelnummer: AG-839

Färg: Grön

Militär Nato spade för alla tillfällen. Fällbar konstruktion för att ta lite plats och kan förvaras i bilen, båten, husvagnen, ryggsäcken etc. Tillverkad av aluminium och stål.

Mått i hopfällt läge: 24 cm

Mått i helt utfällt läge: 60 cm

Rothco Deluxe Tri-Fold Shovel, heavy duty steel construction, nearly twice the weight of standard tri-fold shovels, used by U.S. Military

This collapsible military style shovel is built with tough and rough use in mind. The heavy-duty steel construction makes it strong enough for robust use while also having the ability to collapse into an easy to store tool.

Deluxe Tri-Fold Shovel Is Constructed Of Heavy-Duty Steel To Ensure The Capacity For Vigorous Use

Collapsible Shovel Folds Into Three Sections Making It The Most Compact Tool For Stowing Away In A Bag, Vehicle, Or Equipment Box

Scoop Up Bulk Materials Or Spear Head Into The Ground Using Either The 90 Degree Or 180 Degree Head Lock

D-Style Handle Provides The Best Control For Digging

Camping Shovel Blade Is Serrated On One Side To Help Cut Through The Tough Dirt And Debris, Roots, And More

Ideal Tool For Campers, Hikers, Gardeners, Or To Keep In Your Car For The Next Snow Storm

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