ESP 21" Teleskopbatong GOLD i härdat stål inkl. hölster

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Artikelnummer: EXB-21H-GOLD-BLK

Utvecklarna av det tjeckiska företaget ESP har skapat en NY och ovanlig modell med förgyllning som är riktigt snygg i färgen Guld.

21 tums (53 cm) batong i exklusivt härdat krom specialstål med serienummer.

Räfflat gummihandtag som ger mycket säkert grepp. Smart 360graders justerbart hölster i svart polymer medföljer. Batongen kan hölstras i utfällt läge.

Vikt: 440 gram

Längd i infällt läge: 21 cm

Information för våra kunder:
18 år gäller för inköp. ESP har inget licenskrav på sina batonger vilket gör det fullt lagligt för privatpersoner att köpa och inneha dessa i hemmet som ett samlarvapen. För privatpersoner är det däremot olagligt att bära batong på allmän plats, då detta är ett brott mot knivlagen.

Hardened telescopic baton 21 inch long Friction Loc type by ESP. Professional revolving 360° Roto handle BH-54 with UBC-5 (Quick Change System) mount. The most popular model of baton with effective range, which is on uniformed services equipment in gold-plated version. Manufactured as individual equipment for officers of higher ranks and for parade and representative functions e.g. during appointment to a higher rank.

The baton is coated with abrasion resistant TiN (titanium nitride) layer in gold color. Basic features of titanium nitride layer are: very high hardness, abrasion resistance, corrosion resistance, low coefficient of friction, worse thermal conductivity than steel, golden color. Not without significance are also chemical properties of TiN: it does not react with H2, N2, CO, it is neutral to HCl, HNO3, H2SO4.

Holster - patented design allows for full 360° handle rotation and locking in one of 16 positions. The baton can be carried folded or unfolded in vertical, horizontal or any other position. The case is made of heavy-duty, hardened polypropylene in black.

UBC-05 - (Quick Change System) universal slide-on belt mount - allows you to quickly change the baton holder to another holder with a rotating mechanism. The mount remains on the belt - you just need to select another holster and attach it. Due to the highly flexible system, the user has the ability to swap the equipment for whatever he or she needs at the moment. The holster for a telescopic baton, can be exchanged for a magazine pouch or a flashlight pouch. The UBC-05 mount fits most belts with a width of 32-50 mm, and even up to 60 mm (police / duty belt) when the adjustment is removed from the mount. In order to prevent the equipment from moving on the belt e.g. while running, the mount is equipped with two adjustment screws which lock the mount in the required position on the belt.

Steel - tensile-resistant Cro-Mo 4130 - low-carbon alloy containing chromium and molybdenum (withstands high tensile, bending and breaking loads). Seamless cold drawn tubes of CSN 12060 (Czech standard) = CK55 - DIN 17200, C55E - EN 10083-1 + A1 Cro-Mo 4130 steel were used for the production of the elements.

Hardness - steel elements hardened to 40-50 HRC, it guarantees high resistance of the baton to deformation during intensive use.

Handle - ergonomic H type grip in black color. Made of anti-allergic flexible synthetic rubber. The grip lining fits well in the hand - also does not slip from wet hands. Strong, secure grip allows for precise movements during use.

Important! In case of new telescopic batons there may be some difficulties with the first closing. In order for the baton to work smoothly / arrive correctly we recommend unfolding it several times without using excessive force.

Technical Data:
Product Number: EXB-21H GOLD BH-54
Name: ESP Gold Hardened Expandable Baton 21"
Locking System: Friction Lock
Finish: Gold TiN
Handle Color: Black
Handle Type: Rubber Type H (Non-slip)
Type of steel AISI/SAE: 4130
DIN steel type: CK 55
Folded baton length: 210.0 mm / 8.27"
Length of baton unfolded: 530.0 mm / 20.87"
Handle diameter: 27.0 mm / 1.06"
Weight: 440.0 g / 15.52 oz
Holster: BH-54 Flexible Holder Quick Change System
Manufacturer: ESP (Euro Security Products), Czech Republic